3 Reasons Why I Love My Job

Do you enjoy what you do? If so, why do you enjoy what you do? I’m sure many people have pondered over similar questions at least once during this seemingly endless pandemic and I am no exception. Despite the many challenges posed by COVID, I’ve learned to be more grateful during these difficult times and having a stable job is definitely on that list. Today I’d like to share 3 things I enjoy about my job in no particular order.

1. Being exposed to new ideas

Learning is what I love most about my job. As a system engineer and a member of the sales management team, I am constantly exposed to new ideas and approaches to solve a specific task. In most cases those ideas have the capacity to link to other areas of my work and increase efficiency in ways I would’ve never been able to come up with on my own. By inputting and outputting those ideas appropriately, I am given the opportunity to grow and challenge myself continuously.

2. Helping others

Who doesn’t enjoy being appreciated for their work? With every project completed and successfully delivered comes a satisfied customer. In my case, the “customer” is the people within my company. Being able to simplify their tasks and to see for myself the smile on their faces is a gift in itself.

3. Freedom and flexibility

Be it work hours or work style, the ability to have control over various aspects of my job is something I appreciate most. As someone who values freedom and efficiency, having the option to clock in and out of work early, skip the daily commute, and/or manage my own workflow is a major thumbs up. While these benefits aren’t fit for everybody and may need to be earned, it definitely plays a major role in productivity and satisfaction.

children-g1456f688d_1920Recognizing and reevaluating your current situation and values can guide your actions, improves your wellbeing, increase vigor, and so much more. If any of you are feeling lost or are lacking motivation after the holidays, why not ask yourself why you do what you do to start the year off on the right foot?