【新人のもしなら。】愛犬・愛猫ちゃんとの健やかな暮らしをお手伝いしたい!|【NINA’s What IF】 Want to contribute to better life with your cutie-pie!

【新人のもしなら。】愛犬・愛猫ちゃんとの健やかな暮らしをお手伝いしたい!|【NINA’s What IF】 Want to contribute to better life with your cutie-pie!
皆さんこんにちは、NINA(ニーナ)です! 新設マーケティングチームに配属された新入社員の私に課せられた使命、、、「新しいマーケット見つけてこい!」 ものづくり業界ド素人がこの使命を全うすべく、思いつく限りの 「もし○○なら、ウチの製品こんなところに使えないのかな?」 を描いていく連載ブログを投稿していきます Hi, there! I am Nina, a baby market analyst since this Spring. To achieve my mission of finding new markets, I will give some brainstorming here through this blog by writing my own idea of “what if our products can be used in…” as amateur. Here it goes my idea!

コロナ感染症予防対策で抗菌作用が注目された素材、「真鍮」| “Brass” in the spotlight for its antibacterial action.


コロナが世界的に大流行し、ヒトやモノとの直接接触を避ける動きが活発になった今年。 公共のエレベーターのボタンやドアノブなど、不特定多数の人が触る場所を直接素手で触るのを避けたいという要望を叶える真鍮キーホルダーの需要も高まりました。





In this year, the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 made us avoid physical contact as much as possible and has escalated developments of contactless products like contactless thermometer to avoid touching public things.

Brass keychains are also the one of those things and useful for avoiding touching things with bare hands where many and unspecified people may touch, such as buttons in the elevator or doorknobs.

Brass, which is the main material of the keychain, is recognized as having the effect of suppressing the growth of bacteria.

Brass…something very familiar with us here.

Hmmm how can I combine Tecdia technology with this quality brass has?









What about brass hair comb for pets?

Pets are also precious family members, however bacteria created in their own bodies could affect our health sometime. Besides, it is easier for them to get dirty as they close to ground.

What if we can brush our cutie-pie with a brass comb so we can protect not only them but our family and ourselves too?

Let’s make something friendly for both humans and animals!


【新人のもしなら。】Derma Roller(ダーマローラー)の極細針、ウチの製品使えないのかな?