面接のワンポイントアドバイス: 面接は「会話」!  Quick Tip: An interview is a conversation!

面接のワンポイントアドバイス: 面接は「会話」!  Quick Tip: An interview is a conversation!
【就活生必見!】このワンポイントアドバイスで、面接の結果が変われます! 「プレゼンテーション」のかわり、面接は「会話」と考えて下さい! With just this one tip, you can change the results of the interview. Rather than a presentation, think of an interview as a conversation!


Lately, I have been conducting interviews to help with hiring for our manufacturing facility. During these interviews, I noticed something interesting. The best candidates are the ones that we can have a conversation with.


I'll share two examples. Usually, at the beginning of the interviews, I ask the candidates to share a little about their work history and current role.



Mr. A spoke for a few minutes about a few of the points on their current role, and added a little bit of insight, such as which project they had enjoyed more or which was considered important by their company.



Mr. B spoke for 15 minutes without pause, reading each bullet point on their resume exactly as it was written. They did not add any new information.



Which candidate do you think seemed stronger?


An interview is a dialogue, a conversation.



When asked to speak about one of your experiences, such as study abroad or a part time job, highlight a few key points and then stop. Allow the interviewer to ask about what they are interested in. This shows confidence because you can highlight the most important points to share. It also shows that you are considerate of the other person, so you would be a pleasant coworker.


In all roles, but especially new graduate hiring, conversational and "soft skills" are very important. Do your best!